Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Graduation Weekend in Photos

Okay, so these photos are out of order. I'll have to play with the photo settings a little bit more. Here are a couple photos from graduation weekend that will give you a feel for what happened. It was a full, but blessed, weekend. My parents, sister, friend Ruth (from high school), and grandma were in Spokane to celebrate with me. I am so thankful for their help and care this weekend, from rejoicing with me over my new job to packing for endless hours on Monday and Tuesday. Thanks!!!

Yes. The good news is: I have a job!!!! On Thursday (May 12), I had an interview at Partners International, which is a mission organization in north Spokane that works with indigenous Christian leaders in places where Christianity is a minority religion. On Friday, I got an e-mail from the Human Resources Director that I had the job. O happy day! There was a lot of "hooting and hollering" that evening, as my grandma told a friend on the phone.

So, the job itself is titled Harvest of Hope coordinator. HOH (for short) is Partners' gift catalog in which you can buy a chicken or Bible or medicine for a person overseas, which will help alleviate poverty and support the work of Christian ministry in the community. Beyond that, I don't know many details about the job. I'll go into the office on Tuesday morning to learn more. I'm so thankful to have a job, especially as my expenses will drastically increase in the coming weeks. :o)

Hope you enjoy these photos! Thanks for reading!

My dear father, goofy as ever! My friend Kari Olson is on the right. We've had the privilege of living together for two years. I am so thankful for Kari. Here's God's grace pouring through yet again in my college career. Among lots of good, friendship-building stuff, I'm also thankful for Kari's love of clothes. She's helped me build up my wardrobe more tastefully. :o) If only you could see the dress she's wearing under that generic black robe! We've taken lots of theology classes together, and we sure get into goofy study moods. I'll miss those days.

Here's a picture of me with Dottie Mohrlang, the Associate Director of the Certification for Ministry program and the wife of Bible professor Roger Mohrlang. I've known Dottie since my freshman year, and we've met weekly since then. She's my mentor and friend. I am so thankful for Dottie and Roger. They've taken me into their home numerous times. Dottie has helped me think and pray through ministry, life, and faith. I've helped her plant and weed and harvest in her lovely garden, and she taught me to make a mean rhubarb pie. Roger made me suffer through four difficult Bible and missions classes. But even with a couple days hindsight, I'm thankful for the suffering. :o)

Yay!! This is me walking across the stage after shaking Beck Taylor's (Whitworth's president) hand. I loved walking past all the theology professors as I came down the other side of the stage. It was so fun to hear their comments and give them hugs. Such celebration! I realized two things this weekend. 1) It's good to celebrate! God loves for us to celebrate what we have accomplished by his grace. And college was drenched with God's grace. 2) There's something to be said for normal life. !! I started to get tired of the pomp and circumstance by Sunday evening. :o) Two good things to have learned, I think.

We're so excited to be done with school work! And to be graduating! My housemates (in order) Sarah, Erin, Kari, and myself celebrating in front of our theme house sign outside our house on Saturday. The house is owned by Whitworth, so we have to put on one program a month for Whitworth students. The Open Door is basically a hospitality house through weekly meals that my housemates and I made. We had lots of students, professors, and community members over throughout the year. We loved it.

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