Thursday, October 27, 2011

Some random photos!

I thought it'd be fun to take a post to show some pictures from the past two-ish months. They're a bit out of order, but I hope not too confusing. It's fun to read about someone's life, but it's sometimes more fun to see pictures. Hope these give you a taste of Spokane life!
The picture above is of our second Partners Bike ride on October 15 on the Fish Lake Trail in Spokane. We had a great time and enjoyed a delicious soup and bread lunch together afterwards. I have been so blessed to take part in times of fellowship with Partners staff. I hope we keep it up in the winter. Maybe a night of swing dancing instead! :o)
This is a picture of our first Partners' biking trip when we biked the Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes in Harrison, Idaho. I'm in the lower right corner. Next to me is Bob Savage, the other coordinator of the trip. We had a great time!
I teach 5th and 6th grade Sunday School at Colbert Presbyterian Church. The 5/6th graders are teaching lessons to the younger kids at Sunday School this fall. Our first unit was Creation, so our activity had the kids decorating graham crackers with white frosting and a number of ingredients that represented different parts of creation. For instance, chocolate chips were "dark," blue frosting was "sky" and "water," banana circles were "sun," and Teddy Grahams were "animals." This is a picture of the different ingredients arranged on the table in our Sunday School classroom. It came off pretty well besides the hyper-activity from the sugar. haha.
My family went to the beach in early September and tried to take several pictures on the beach with me taking the picture with my left arm. As you can see, I could use more practice. Julie is smiling, I promise. :o)
Here are my housemates enjoying pieces of apple pie after a house dinner in September. I am so thankful for my housemates. They're great!
Back in September, Kari and I made this awesome cake from a recipe sent to me by Lorry Jackson. The cake had several layers and lots of frosting and pieces of strawberry cheesecake on top. Delicious! Thanks for the recipe tip, Lorry!
Okay, I'll have another written update coming soon. Like probably tonight. It's been a little while since I last posted. Life rolls steadily along, doesn't it. :o)

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